What's a Tumblr?

Mar 1

IMPORTANT READ: Share this video with everyone you’d want to show it to while you can, because I’m going to be removing it on Monday. I’ve already publicly voiced my concerns about how some feel about it, but now I can visibly see the consequences. Someone in particular wants it taken down and as a precaution I will. No threats have been made, but if I don’t play this out correctly, the situation is only going to get worse. By no legal means do they (the school district or anyone in it) have the right to force me to remove the video, but I’m sure they have the authority to kick my ass out of CTE. I’ll address this further (tomorrow I think) through YouTube (again), and I’ll disclose some more details. This is no one else’s decision but my own, and no means of protest is going to change this. …But your public dissatisfaction and anger with it would certainly make me feel better… because, you know… this is surely something I DON’T WANT TO DO.